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Like Mehdi Porchet, the first player trained at Servette to join a professional club as a youth player (Oyonnax in 2018), Ahmed Kane will be the second player trained at the club to join the training center of an elite club.


Ahmed and Mehdi with Swiss U20 selection


Thanks to his skills, he further joined the senior team this season in Fédérale 2, for 4 games as a starter before the championship was suspended.

Ahmed started playing rugby in U14 at Hermance in 2014 after being spotted by the Rugby School coach Guy Péré, who saw him swap some passes during a trial at the HRRC club.

His size caught the eye, but also played against him in his early days, especially in races where he was not very comfortable. However, the coaches and Cédric Borgeal (President of the rugby school of Hermance), described him as him as a quick-witted child, with the desire to always work harder/do better: "He was a very curious player, who understood and applied the instructions very quickly and cleverly" underlines Guy Péré. Also described as a funny and nonchalant person with a very friendly personality, Ahmed always offered his help within the various entities in which he played. This youngster, who always arrived early to his training sessions with his school bag on his back, quickly made his mark and joined Servette Rugby Geneva in September 2015 in the U16 category.

During his years at Servette, Ahmed has blossomed within the Academy, while keeping his attachment to his home club: Hermance Région Rugby Club (HRRC).


Ahmed surrounded by his former coaches: Jonathan Torossian, Cédric Borgeal (Rugby school president of HRRC), Frédéric Dubrana, Guy Péré and Hervé Broisin).


After a first round of selections for the U16 National Team (for which he was not selected), Ahmed did not lose heart and finally joined the National Team the following year by being upgraded to U18. This was followed by a number of caps for the U20 team in both XV and 7-a-side competitions abroad. His last competition with the National Team was at the European U20 Championships prior to the COVID-19.

Invited to a day-test in Lyon, the red and black club confirmed its wish to welcome him to their training center.

"I'm really pleased, at first I didn't think I was capable of making a "career" in rugby, but when I discovered that I had my chances within the training center of a professional club, it became a real objective for me," says Ahmed.

He will now train 4 days a week with the LOU training center and will be enrolled in a BPJEPS for a job as a sports educator specializing in XV rugby.

Ahmed: "The work is starting to pay off, I always gave myself 100% and today I am very happy. I am going to give my best as soon as I arrive in order to integrate as well as possible and eventually dream of an opening in the professional world." 

If tomorrow, Ahmed will no longer play in Switzerland, he does not forget the good times he spent here, such as celebrating his birthday during a summer rugby camp and his AURA league title in 2019 with the U19s. 

"He has almost found a family here at Servette and we are not about to forget him either," says Frédéric Dubrana, his coach at Hermance in his early days and his last senior coach at Servette.

Frédéric Dubrana: "Of course I would like him to come back! But as late as possible. For now, he has to give his best, I have full confidence in him because he is a hard worker, but he will have to learn managing his emotions, because he will have to face 25 other players with the same objective".

Ahmed accompanied by Jean Baptiste Casta (President of Hermance) and Alain Studer (President of Servette Rugby).


Alain Studer (President of Servette Rugby): "We are happy that Servette Rugby Club can serve as a springboard for our young talents. Ahmed is one of them and above all, it is his work and his self-sacrifice that made the difference. He was able to impose himself in our first team at the beginning of the season and it was just a matter to accompany him in his objective to play at the highest level. This is not an achievement, but a beginning and we wish him every success in fulfilling his dream. " 

Jean Baptiste Casta (President of the HRRC): We are really happy for Ahmed. Having the opportunity to join the LOU Rugby is a great opportunity. A great challenge awaits him, and we are certain that Ahmed has got all the tools to succeed, it's now up to him! We are proud to have played a small part in his discovery of rugby via our magnificent Rugby School, a rewarding experience for all involved. We are proud to have played a small part in his discovery of rugby via our magnificent Rugby School, a reward for our educators and a fine example for our young people. We wish him the best of luck with this magnificent challenge.

 Watch a report shot by Léman Bleu in 2019 :