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The Servette Rugby is proud to unveil its new eco-responsible project, called "Pacte Grenat".

The Pacte Grenat: the club's new sustainable development project

The Servette Rugby is proud to unveil its new eco-responsible project, "Pacte Grenat". Through this pact, the club wishes to give a true meaning to educational, sporting and environmental actions by sharing this approach with all the actors of the club (players, educators, volunteers, employees, supporters, etc.).

The protection of the environment will from now on be part of the club's strategic development plan. An initial project with the rugby school will be launched in the coming weeks with the collection and sorting of waste in Geneva. The club has also invested in three electric cars, the C-Zero.

We will be relying on the expertise of Helvetia Environment, the club's major partner, to carry out this new project. Our partner will help us setting up an action program to raise awareness among players and spectators of the themes of waste sorting, waste recovery and the circular economy. Sport and matches offer an interesting platform for communicating these types of actions. For example,

- During the matches, two ambassadors will ensure that waste sorting is respected. They will animate the half-times with activities and games on recycling and will distribute guides on how to sort materials.

- Twice a year, the esplanade of the La Praille stadium will host a stand with activities to encourage and inform about waste sorting.

- Each year, the club's juniors will be invited to visit Sortera, the automated sorting factory inaugurated in 2019, one of the most modern in Europe. In addition, training will be organized, targeted on the correct ways to sort waste. Finally, there will be a focus on the various jobs around recycling.

Alain Vuarnet (Pacte Grenat Project Manager) and Reinier Pieters (Servette Rugby player and Salesman at Helvetia Environment).


From the U14 category up to the Seniors, the players will wear the Pacte Grenat crest during their match jerseys.